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The only place you need to go for all your NFL and MLB diecast Needs!


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1998 Dallas Cowboys
Troy Aikman Teammates Truck
1:64 scale

2002 New England Patriots
Super Bowl 36 Truck
11" - 1:64 scale


2003 Atlanta Falcons
Superstars Michael Vick Team Truck
9 1/2" - 1:80 scale

1993 Philadelphia Eagles
Matchbox Tractor Trailer
7" - 1:80 scale


1999 Pittsburgh Steelers
Yukon Denali W/ Randell Stewart Card
3" - 1:64 scale


Welcome to FleerDiecast. We specialize in providing all diecast collectibles for your favorite NFL and MLB teams. Some of the items produced are as follows: pick-up truck, coupe, helicopter, bi-plane, thunderbird, monster truck, muscle car, bullpen car, motor coach bus, the annual sports team truck and Super Bowl items.


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What you will find at FleerDiecast are the guaranteed lowest prices on the exciting new line-up of diecast collectibles being offered every year by all diecast manufacturing companies.

A new breed of major sports diecast collectibles were introduced -- lower production runs, bigger, bolder and more detailed vehicles and comprehensive designs featuring the team colors and spirit like never before ensure that these items will become some of the hottest collectibles now and well into the future. WE CANNOT KEEP THEM IN STOCK!

As a retailer of limited diecast we promise you will 100% satisfied with every purchase. We guarantee the lowest price if you order your items through FleerDiecast. There are hundreds of other items in stock -- please email us if you need something that is not on the site.

These diecast collectibles are intended for ages four and older.

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We specialize in providing diecast collectibles for major sports such as the NFL, MLB and NHL teams. There are various types of diecast models that are produced for your favorite teams including trailer semi truck, vintage truck, muscle car, helicopter, plane, monster truck, bullpen car, motorcoach bus and much more.

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